Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Frank Magliato - Business Experience For You

Frank Magliato
A business professional is only as good as the work they do. Their experience can speak volumes towards the likelihood of their success. Frank Magliato earned two degrees as well as over 35 years of experience. His experience is rooted in a variety of industries from social media to telecommunications. He uses his knowledge of these industries in combination with his education and experience to help his clients find financial success in the equity transaction field.

One of the most important skills an investor of any kind can have is that of being able to read the writing on the wall in regards to business. The ability to analyze economics as well as industry trends is an invaluable skill that cannot be overlooked. Frank Magliato has developed this skill working in the different fields he has worked in. He enjoys being able to assess challenging equity transactions and bring them to fruition. He has worked on projects amassing over $500 million in value.

Let Frank Magliato help you to achieve your equity transactions goals. His business experience is vast and he is always happy to take on even the most difficult of public and/or private sectors of the industry. His passion is for the success of his clients and he is continually increasing his knowledge base so that he can always be helping his clients achieve their goals.