Thursday, 22 November 2018

Businessman Frank Magliato Helps Bring Success to Many

Frank Magliato

In addition to his significant experience in business and investment, Frank Magliato also has a tremendous amount of education, including a degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a business degree from New York University. Frank Magliato has been chosen to serve on a number of boards of directors for many prominent companies, including Capital Trading Group, Veragold Mining Company and Nabali Investments. Frank also likes to indulge his philanthropic vision, so he also serves as a board member for the Guardian Foundation, which provides to charities supporting better health and welfare for underserved populations in Panama, especially children.

Frank Magliato is often described as immensely talented and capable of finding the best deal for his clients almost every time. Clients appreciate his ability to identify the best business and investment opportunities and that he is able to jump on them quickly. They also seem to appreciate his ability to examine every possible investment from a wide variety of viewpoints. That allows him to identify the best business opportunities for any situation and any client’s needs and to act on them at the most opportune time.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

How Investment Advisor Frank Magliato Became the Best

Frank Magliato
It has been said by many clients that Frank Magliato has an enviable skill; he seems able to see business opportunities from many angles. That seems obvious when you look at Frank’s experience as an entrepreneur on his own, without a consultancy behind him. Consider his founding and financing of two telecommunications companies, Digitec2000, Inc. and Telecorp, Inc., years apart. Both telecom companies featured him as company president for some time and both experienced enormous success selling prepaid long distance calling and long distance resale.

What makes Frank Magliato different is that he seems uniquely capable of making any situation work. His background includes the better part of four decades’ experience in public and private equity transactions in all sorts of areas, including such diverse areas as telecom, real estate development, retail, mining and social media. There are many reasons Frank Magliato has been chosen to serve on on the boards for several companies. As a member of the Guardian Foundation’s board, Frank Magliato is guiding that organization to fulfill their primary mission, to provide grants that support better health and welfare for Panamanian children.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Businessman Frank Magliato Makes the Best Deals for Clients

Frank Magliato
In addition to compiling a lot of education derived from his years of practical experience, Frank Magliato also has plenty of formal academic education in his background as well. He has a degree in engineering that he earned from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, for example, as well as a business degree from New York University. However, it's his practical education that serves clients the most. It is also why Frank has been chosen to serve on a number of company boards. His favorite board is more philanthropic in nature, as a director of the Guardian Foundation, which supports improvements in the welfare and the health of Panamanian children.

A great many Frank Magliato clients describe him as an investment professional capable of identifying the most advantageous business opportunities for each clients. He also seems able to act on them at the most opportune time, again, for each client, individually. He has shown an ability to view each business opportunity from a variety of perspectives. It is that long career that offers him such an ability. He has worked on public and private equity transactions in all sorts of diverse areas, such as telecom, real estate development, retail, mining and social media.

Over the course of a career that is now well into its fourth decade, Frank Magliato has been learning from his experience and sharpening his business skills and his judgment in a great many ways and in a great many areas. Some time ago, he served as president for Saddle River Associates & Company, which was one of the most prestigious private equity firms in the world. In that position, he specialized in corporate transactions and managed more than $500 million worth of projects while he was there. Among his favorites were the huge sale of Natural Balance Pet Foods to Del Monte and a game-changing real estate deal in Panama worth more than $150 million.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Frank Magliato - Business Experience For You

Frank Magliato
A business professional is only as good as the work they do. Their experience can speak volumes towards the likelihood of their success. Frank Magliato earned two degrees as well as over 35 years of experience. His experience is rooted in a variety of industries from social media to telecommunications. He uses his knowledge of these industries in combination with his education and experience to help his clients find financial success in the equity transaction field.

One of the most important skills an investor of any kind can have is that of being able to read the writing on the wall in regards to business. The ability to analyze economics as well as industry trends is an invaluable skill that cannot be overlooked. Frank Magliato has developed this skill working in the different fields he has worked in. He enjoys being able to assess challenging equity transactions and bring them to fruition. He has worked on projects amassing over $500 million in value.

Let Frank Magliato help you to achieve your equity transactions goals. His business experience is vast and he is always happy to take on even the most difficult of public and/or private sectors of the industry. His passion is for the success of his clients and he is continually increasing his knowledge base so that he can always be helping his clients achieve their goals.